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  • Listen to the DUKE10 - Detour

    Here's our good friend Matt Hicks from UK giving us a demo of the DUKE10. He is playing the song "Detour". This song shows off the tonal characteristics of the DUKE10 really well because Matt uses fingerpicking as well as strumming, giving you a good idea of how each style sounds.
  • Inspiration Strikes

    Without letting the cat out of the bag, inspiration struck on a recent trip to China. Check out this amazing Chinese instrument that was one of many adorning the walls in a huge and very impressive musical instrument store in Shanghai.
  • Look Who Was Featured in UKE Magazine!

    In the December 2018 issue of UKE magazine (from the UK) owner of DUKE Banjo Ukuleles, Jamie Houston from Wellington New Zealand, was featured with an article about his ukulele journey and how it culminated in him buying the company.
  • Production Update [Video] - Factory Tour

    After an 'educational' trip to visit our manufacturing facility in Dongguan city in December 2018, I came away with a bit more knowledge about what it means to be a manufacturer in China, or maybe I should  say to... 
  • Production Update [Jamie In China]

    Hi everyone, its was very hard to get connected to certain western websites when I was in China, but here are a few photos of me (Jamie Houston) at the factory checking on the production of the DUKE10 banjolele. 
  • Production Update - Spraying and Assembling

    These photos just arrived from the manufacturer today. They show the DUKE10 drum rims and necks being sprayed with a clear sealant and the drums being assembled.
  • Learning From A Uke [BOOK] Contemplation Of A Journey

    This is not a book about how to play a ukulele, but why playing one can change the world. Recently I was sent a book that, whilst small in size and brief in content, was for me, almost profound.

  • Who is Dennis Frere-Smith?

    Here is a photo of Dennis Frere-Smith, the lucky winner of our "Win 5 Gotta Have' Ukulele Books" competition in November 2018. In corresponding with him, we discovered that he is actually a professional musician and music teacher...
  • Production Update - Drum Rims and Necks Ready To Go

    More photos today showing the DUKE10 Banjo Ukulele drum rims and necks / headstocks ready to be assembled.
  • Listen to the DUKE10 Plugged In and Amplified

    Here's a tune played by one of our happy reviewers with the DUKE10 plugged in to an amplifier. Listen to Tatsuko Kaneda ​of playing Ain't She Sweet. 
  • Production Update - New Photos From Our Manufacturer

    We have had lots of activity this week. Here are a few photos that have just arrived from our manufacturer.
  • Jake, Jake and a DUKE10 Banjo Uke

    Celebrating one of our customers, a proud DUKE10 owner named Jake Goldstein from Massachusetts and his story about how he got Jake Shimabukuro's signature on his banjouke.
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A close 5

I love this Duke 10 Banjo - Ukulele....the set up is great and it plays very well. The tenor neck gives more room for my fingers. The only limitation is my ability, I have not played a Banjo Ukulele before but I can see the possibilities. We are part of a ukulele group 'Rukes' consisting of a Uke-bass, Duke 10 and about 10 Ukes, we play and sing anything - folk, country, Church, and popular songs of the last 60 years. I have started using the Duke 10 as a lead instrument picking out the tune, mostly within the strum, using a soft flat pick. The greater volume enables me to be heard above the other ukuleles. I am still developing this technique but am very pleased with the way it is going.

Hi Pat - thanks so much for your 5 Star Review! We appreciate that it was carefully considered, and thanks for the pic! All the best, Jamie Houston - Owner.
Christmas Duke arives in time

Big thanks to Jamie at Duke Banjo Ukuleles,
My wife, who obviously got the big hint for my Christmas gift ordered the Duke 10 and was advised that they only stood a slim chance of getting it to me in time but would pull out all stops to get it delivered to Perth Western Australia. And they did, it arrived on the 24th December whilst I was out but was received by my wife and whisked away before I had chance to notice. A wonderful surprise that was backed up with supper service from Jamie who did his utmost to get it to delivered. I already have 3 other Banjoleles but the Duke 10 is so beautifully set up its an absolute pleasure to play. If I could give it a 10 star rating I would, its wonderful instrument. Thanks again Jamie and by the way, the bag turned up a week or so later as promised.

Ian Dixon

Hi, I'm so thrilled your DUKE10 arrived in time! And even better, that Eva was able to keep it a secret Thanks for your wonderful review. Enjoy your new'baby'. Jamie - owner.
Duke 10

Very nice products solid piece. Arm rest is a nice feature you don't find on other banjoleles, has a good action on it and setup was pretty easy

Thanks Ryan - really glad you like your DUKE10 - thanks for the 5 Star Review. Jamie Houston - Owner
DUKE10 Tenor Banjo Ukulele

I'm having a pretty good time with the Duke 10. Tightening the head helped to give the upper register some better clarity, but I'm still fiddling around looking for more. The arm rest was loose on arrival. Ended up adding a locking nut on top of the rim nut. That should be a permanent fix.
Workmanship is otherwise very good. I've never played a banjo uke before so I can't compare it to any others, but I'm happy with the instrument and look forward to making music with it.

Thanks for your review Ron, much appreciated. As we have previously discussed via email, the armrest coming loose was unfortunate, and we have addressed the issue to ensure to doesn't happen again. And glad you have had some fun playing around with the head tension :-) Jamie - Owner
The DUKE10 - A Good Banjo Uke!

This is a good banjo uke. Good sound. The neck and fretboard made it easy and smooth to play. One of the few banjoleles with an armrest. Has good volume but if thats not enough for you it come with a nice pickup.