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  • Three DUKE10 Banjoleles In One Order!

    Check out the story behind this awesome photo of three friends who got three DUKE10 banjoleles in one order!
  • DUKE10 Banjolele Unboxing with Bernadette

    We are so thrilled to show you this video just released today from Bernadette of "Bernadette Teaches Music". She unboxes our DUKE10 Banjolele and loves it! Find out what to expect when you...
  • Listen to the DUKE10 - Live and Amplified

    Our friend and DUKE10 advocate Matt Hicks recently was privileged to be the support act for world-renowned entertainer, recording artist and ukulele banjo nut Andy Eastwood. He decided to go on stage and do his whole set with his DUKE10. Matt told us...
  • Listen To The DUKE10 - Ain't She Sweet

    Check out this great video clip from Jake Goldstein, another happy owner of a DUKE10 Banjo Uke. He shares his rendition of Ain't She Sweet. Thanks for letting us share it Jake.
  • Multiple Currencies Now Available

    We are excited to announce that you can now check the prices in five currencies in our online store. Watch the short video to see how to simply click on the country flag in the top right-hand corner of the site when you are on the product page (or at the checkout) and the price can be displayed in one these five currencies: USD | NZD | GBP | AUD | EUR.

  • Duke for the Dude in Germany

    More than 9000 kilometres (nearly 6000 miles) is the odyssey this Duke10 Banjo Ukulele takes. It all ends well, but...
  • Listen to the DUKE10 - I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever

    Take a listen to Ring playing and singing a beautiful contemporary Christian song "I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever". Ring's husband bought her a DUKE10 banjolele for her birthday and she tells us she really loves it.
  • Hard Case for a DUKE10

    As we are not (currently) offering a hard case as an option for the DUKE10 Banjo Ukulele, when a customer recently emailed us and said they had found a case that fitted their DUKE10 perfectly, we thought you might appreciate a link. It is actually a mandolin case but it fits, and that's the main thing!
  • Banjolele Tutorial - Dream A Little Dream Of Me

    Watch as our good friend Stukulele gives a tutorial of the song "Dream A Little Dream Of Me" using the DUKE10 Tenor Banjo Ukulele.
  • Listen to the DUKE10 - Detour

    Here's our good friend Matt Hicks from UK giving us a demo of the DUKE10. He is playing the song "Detour". This song shows off the tonal characteristics of the DUKE10 really well because Matt uses fingerpicking as well as strumming, giving you a good idea of how each style sounds.
  • Inspiration Strikes

    Without letting the cat out of the bag, inspiration struck on a recent trip to China. Check out this amazing Chinese instrument that was one of many adorning the walls in a huge and very impressive musical instrument store in Shanghai.
  • Look Who Was Featured in UKE Magazine!

    In the December 2018 issue of UKE magazine (from the UK) owner of DUKE Banjo Ukuleles, Jamie Houston from Wellington New Zealand, was featured with an article about his ukulele journey and how it culminated in him
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