Wondering why you might choose a DUKE10 Banjolele? Hear what our friend Kelly has to say...CLICK HERE ==>

Is the DUKE10 Good for Clawhammer Style Playing?

We have recently been asked the question, is the DUKE10 a good instrument for playing clawhammer style on?

Well, we think it is, and quite a few of our happy DUKE10 Banjo Ukulele owners do too. Here's a YouTube Playlist you can check out with @newukenewyork and @instcoos playing exactly that 🎼🪕 

Jenny Selig playing a DUKE10 banjolele

And click the image below of @newuknewyork to watch/hear her using the DUKE10 in every song of her playlist titled "Banjolele"! 
youtube jenny selig @newukenewyork playlist using the DUKE10 banjolele
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