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The Latest from Duke Banjo Ukuleles

  • Inspiration Strikes

    Without letting the cat out of the bag, inspiration struck on a recent trip to China. Check out this amazing Chinese instrument that was one of many adorning the walls in a huge and very impressive musical instrument store in Shanghai.
  • Production Update [Jamie In China]

    Hi everyone, very hard to get connected to certain western websites here in China so have no time to go into detail, but here are a few photos of m...
  • Production Update - Spraying and Assembling

    These photos just arrived from the manufacturer today. They show the DUKE10 drum rims and necks being sprayed with a clear sealant and the drums being assembled.
  • Learning From A Uke [BOOK] Contemplation Of A Journey

    This is not a book about how to play a ukulele, but why playing one can change the world. Recently I was sent a book that, whilst small in size and brief in content, was for me, almost profound.

  • Who is Dennis Frere-Smith?

    Here is a photo of Dennis Frere-Smith, the lucky winner of our "Win 5 Gotta Have' Ukulele Books" competition in November 2018. In corresponding with him, we discovered that he is actually a professional musician and music teacher...
  • Production Update - Drum Rims and Necks Ready To Go

    More photos today showing the DUKE10 Banjo Ukulele drum rims and necks / headstocks ready to be assembled.
  • Listen to the DUKE10 Plugged In and Amplified

    Here's a tune played by one of our happy reviewers with the DUKE10 plugged in to an amplifier. Listen to Tatsuko Kaneda ​of ukulelejapan.com playing Ain't She Sweet. 
  • Production Update - New Photos From Our Manufacturer

    We have had lots of activity this week. Here are a few photos that have just arrived from our manufacturer.
  • Jake, Jake and a DUKE10 Banjo Uke

    Celebrating one of our customers, a proud DUKE10 owner named Jake Goldstein from Massachusetts and his story about how he got Jake Shimabukuro's signature on his banjouke.
  • Safe Shopping With Us - Now McAfee Certified

    You can rest assured when shopping with us as we are now tested and certified to be safe by McAfee SECURE.
  • Production Update [Video] - Samples Just Arrived From China

    We just received a courier parcel from China. It contained a sample of the 10" drum, as well as a drum head screen printed with the DUKE10 logo.
  • Listen to the DUKE10 - Turkey In The Straw

    Check out our friend Stukulele playing "Turkey In The Straw" on the DUKE10 Tenor Banjo Ukulele. 
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What Customers Say

10 reviews
Christmas Duke arives in time

Big thanks to Jamie at Duke Banjo Ukuleles,
My wife, who obviously got the big hint for my Christmas gift ordered the Duke 10 and was advised that they only stood a slim chance of getting it to me in time but would pull out all stops to get it delivered to Perth Western Australia. And they did, it arrived on the 24th December whilst I was out but was received by my wife and whisked away before I had chance to notice. A wonderful surprise that was backed up with supper service from Jamie who did his utmost to get it to delivered. I already have 3 other Banjoleles but the Duke 10 is so beautifully set up its an absolute pleasure to play. If I could give it a 10 star rating I would, its wonderful instrument. Thanks again Jamie and by the way, the bag turned up a week or so later as promised.

Ian Dixon

Hi, I'm so thrilled your DUKE10 arrived in time! And even better, that Eva was able to keep it a secret Thanks for your wonderful review. Enjoy your new'baby'. Jamie - owner.
I am delighted with my Duke 10.

I am absolutely delighted with my Duke 10. It is a lovely looking instrument and is such a pleasure to play. It has a great sound and I have so much to learn to get the best out of it.

Glad to hear you are so happy Douglas. Many thanks for review :-) Jamie.
Stunning sound

The duke 10 is a beautiful uke with a full and amazing sound. Would definitely recommend.

Thanks for your positive review Robyn, really appreciated, and I'm glad you like your DUKE10 so much - Jamie :-)
Great Sound

Sounds great which is the most important thing but finish and workmanship could have been better.


I love playing my Duke 10! Perfect size for me, love hearing all my jazz standards, folk and other songs I play on it. I love having a pick up, adjusting the drum head, and having its own strap and bag! Great purchase!

So happy you love your DUKE10 so much Rodolfo, and thanks for the awesome review Jamie.