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The Winner of our Banjolele Giveaway is Paul from Bristol

winner of the duke10 banjolele giveaway nov. 2023

Congratulations to Paul Mugford from Bristol in the United Kingdom - the  lucky winner of our latest Banjolele Giveaway!

When 'Season 3' of the DUKE10 is ready to ship, he will be receiving his very own banjolele with our compliments, all tucked up inside the new vintage tweed hard case. Inside he will also find a very cute DUKE10 replica keychain.

When we emailed Paul to let him know he was the winner he replied with "that's brilliant!". He has since sent us a photo, as well as this little bit of information about himself and the Ukulele Club he attends, South Bristol Ukes

"For me, a late starter with no real musical experience who found the ukulele and the friendship of a mixed ability group. Some 6 years on and now gigging, albeit small scale, but with enthusiasm. A good example of ‘never too late to try something new’.
The Duke10 Banjolele will add even more depth to our group. I say group, as I’m not likely to keep my hands on it for very long at practice nights!
Thanks again from ‘delighted in Bristol UK - Paul"

So we look forward to sending Paul his DUKE10 soon, and will ask him to post photos of him and his club-mates playing it once it has been properly christened!

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