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The 3rd chapter in the DUKE10 adventure is officially here!

For all you patient souls out there, the moment you've been dreaming of has arrived - your exclusive shot at owning the iconic DUKE10 is finally here.

Here's what you can expect when you invest in a DUKE10


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(Please Note: Our current version is the DUKE10-V3, released in January 2024.The pricing mentioned about older versions of the DUKE10 is now out of date, and the gig bag has been replaced with an awesome hard case)

A Warm Welcome from Jamie Houston - Owner

Want to see how the DUKE10 comes to life?

Click here to see inside the specialist factory in China where we have the DUKE10 made.

blog post images of the factory where the duke10 banjolele is made

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Owner, Jamie Houston and his sons


Shipping Information

Manufacturing got underway in September 2023 and worldwide shipping started in January 2024. Your DUKE10-V3 will ship from our fulfilment warehouse in Shenzhen, China. Go here for more shipping info.

the duke10 banjolele - improved, evolved, unique & loved!

The DUKE10 is so light you will be amazed!

The first thing you will notice when you pick up your new DUKE10 banjolele is that it is SUPER LIGHT! 

It weighs a mere 2.4 lbs (1.1 kgs). That's nothing like some of the 4 lb monsters out there!

The DUKE10-V3 Banjo Ukulele - light as a feather. Well, almost!

Take A Listen

Comfy armrest, so no more sore arms!

On most banjoleles you have the metal tension hooks digging into your arm, so we decided that every DUKE10 would come complete with a well-placed and very comfortable armrest. It also serves the purpose of keeping your arm off the drum head, avoiding unnecessary muting of the sound.

Our armrest gives you comfort and ease without any additional cost.


Smooth-edge tailpiece, so no more string breaks

Most other banjo ukuleles tie-off the strings under a metal tailpiece, which can have sharp edges, meaning it is common for the strings to break.

To fix this problem, we designed a simple 'smooth-edge' tailpiece that the strings effortlessly pass over and then through the drum to tie-off inside the rim (with little plastic beads to keep them tidy). Now your strings will never break at the tail!

duke 10 tensioner

Change Your Tone with the Adjustable Drum Head

Use the (included) tension key to tighten or loosen the drum head.

Tightening it to be hard to the touch will give you a very bright sound. You will get good note distinction, but less bass response. 

Loosening it to be softer to the touch results in a warmer, less bright sound.

This puts you in charge of how you want your DUKE10 to sound.

Make Tuning A Breeze

They may look like traditional friction pegs, but they are actually planetary geared tuners (with a 4:1 ratio).

Why should you care? Because they make tuning a whole lot easier. They are very smooth to turn and hold the strings in tune very well.

Happy DUKE10 owners love these tuners and many comments are made about how awesome they look too!

Watch DUKE10 Being Played

Nice Low Strings, Forever!

Over time, the distance of the strings from the fingerboard of a banjo ukulele can increase, often due to movement of the neck. This makes it harder to press your fingers down when playing chords.

To remove this issue once and for all the DUKE10 has a one-piece neck - a rigid spine of sorts. So when you get your new banjo uke, the strings will be at the right height with everything in alignment. The best part is that it stays that way forever!

Dual Passive Transducer Pickup in every DUKE10!

Yes we know, banjo ukuleles are already loud so why would we put a pickup system in every DUKE10?

Well let's just say that it comes in very useful on more occasions than you would think. Going big or staying small, plugging in sounds great!

The 'Season 3' DUKE10 has a Dual Passive Transducer Pickup System, giving a very natural sound through an amp or PA system.

Listen to DUKE10 Plugged In

Unique and Quirky, Just To Be Different

Sometimes you find an instrument that just speaks to you, and we have designed the DUKE10 to get noticed.

From its minimalist design to its unique and quirky headstock, this banjolele attracts a lot of attention.

The design is sure to make you stand out in a crowd.

So many DUKE10 owners comment that they love everything about their new banjolele 'baby'.

But Wait, There's More - Hard Case Included!

One of the major upgrades to the DUKE10 package is the addition of this awesome new wooden carry case.

Every 'Season 3' DUKE10 Banjolele will ship in this stunning vintage-style tweed (yellow & brown) hard case, designed to give you solid protection so your precious DUKE10 stays safe.

This is a BIG DEAL and we hope you love it as much as we do!

*The hard case replaces the gig bag from previous models.

Jamie Houston Promo Photo with DUKE10 Banjo Ukulele

The 'Story' from Duke Owner, Jamie Houston

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