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June 2023 UPDATE from Jamie Houston, Owner.


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When it's time to explore a new sound and delve into the world of banjo ukuleles, we invite you to check out the amazing DUKE10 Tenor Banjo Ukulele

Strums Like A Uke, Picks Like A Banjo.

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A Warm Welcome from Jamie Houston - Owner

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Jamie And His Sons

Happy DUKE10 Owners Sharing Their Happiness

I received the uke last night and couldn’t be more happy! It’s the fourth uke that I’ve bought and definitely my favorite, already. The uke arrived set up (nice low action) with the bridge already in place. It was nearly in tune right out of the box.These guys also did a great job in packing, it was a nice box within a box, with lots of extra padding. They really ensured that it arrived safely. You should feel really confident selling your instruments in the future.
Thanks again, and cheers from New York!

Chris S

Finally have been able to play my Duke 10 after liberating it from the wrapping paper on Christmas eve. WOW! The sound is awesome...It's got a nice twang without being overly harsh. (although my wife did just close the door to my office, but i think that's volume!) Nice crisp clear notes when picking ...... Full bodied strums....... "Jockey Full of Bourbon" sounds great with a mild fandango strum. All in all you guys DONE GOOD!
Thank you again and Happy New Year you glorious ba#t#rd!

Gregg S

I was convinced by a friend of mine to purchase the Duke10 Banjolele. I already had a Concert Ukulele and I thought it would be nice to have another instrument to give a different sound. My word, it really gives a magic sound which suits so many of the old favorite tunes, a perfect alternative to just having a Ukulele. Do yourself a favor and get a Duke10 - it is a fabulous instrument for the price!

Mike G, Perth, WA, Australia

I like the Duke 10 very much....I had an original Duke, and a firefly, and a Deering concert banjo. I prefer the duke 10 over all of them...a good looking and sounding instrument.
As an alternative tuning, this makes a great Baritone banjolele, if you use the Fremont Black line Bari tuning for Tenor size with High D.

Mike T

Love this banjo ukulele. I bought one a while back. It’s fun, light and easy to hold. And it’s loud!! It also comes with a pickup! Did I mention it’s loud?! Plugged it in once while playing with a group of older rockers, and it was even louder!! It even comes with a cool strap and gig bag. Gotta love it!

Audrey P, Everett, WA, USA

"What a great idea - usually you've got the bits from the drum sticking into your arm on a banjolele, but it's got an armrest - look at that! And light as a feather. For the price, seriously, you can't get much better than this, delivered to your door with no shipping costs. Duke 10 baby, go and order one!" 

Stukulele - ukemullum.com

the duke10 banjolele - improved, evolved, unique & loved!

So light you will be amazed!

The first thing you will notice when you take your new banjolele out of it's colorful gig bag is that it is SUPER LIGHT! 

In fact, we don't know of another banjo uke that is this light.

Only 2.2 lbs (1kg). That's nothing like some of the 4 lb monsters out there!

The DUKE10 - light as a feather! Well, almost!

Take A Listen

Comfy armrest, so no more sore arms!

On most banjoleles you have the metal tension hooks digging into your arm, so we decided that every DUKE10 would come complete with a well-placed and very comfortable armrest which also keeps your arm off the drum head, avoiding unnecessary muting of the sound.

So comfortable you will love playing it!


Smooth-edge tailpiece, so no more string breaks

Most other banjo ukuleles tie-off the strings under a metal tailpiece, which often has a sharp edge meaning it is common for the strings to break.

To fix this problem, we designed a simple 'smooth-edge' tailpiece that the strings effortlessly pass over and then through the drum to tie-off inside the rim. Now your strings will never break at the tail because they tie-off behind the wooden drum.

Change Your Tone with the Adjustable Drum Head

Use the (included) tension key to tighten or loosen the drum head.

Tightening it to be hard to the touch will give you a very bright sound. You will get good note distinction, but less bass response. 

Loosening it to be softer to the touch results in a warmer, less bright, or plunkier sound.

This puts you in charge of how you want your DUKE10 to sound.

Make Tuning A Breeze

They may look like traditional friction pegs, but they are actually planetary geared tuners (with a 4:1 ratio).

Why should you care? Because they make tuning is a whole lot easier. They are very smooth to turn and hold the strings in tune very well.

Happy DUKE10 owners love these tuners!

Watch DUKE10 Being Played

Nice Low Strings, Forever!

Over time, the distance of the strings from the fingerboard of a banjo ukulele can increase. This makes it harder to press your fingers down when playing chords.

It happens for a variety of reasons but the main one being movement of the neck.

To remove this issue once and for all the DUKE10 has a one-piece neck - a rigid spine of sorts. So when your get your new banjo uke, the strings will be at the right height with everything in alignment. The best part is that it stays that way forever!

Could It Be True?

Although the DUKE10 is sold out, as of June 2023 we are looking into starting manufacture again.

Please send us a message to Register Your Interest should we start making them again
i still want a duke10!

Every DUKE10 Has a Pickup

Yes we know, banjo ukuleles are already loud so why would we put a pickup in every DUKE10?

Well let's just say that it comes in very useful on more occasions than you would think - Great for plugging in to your little personal ukulele amp or going big and using with a full sound system in a venue.

Listen to DUKE10 Plugged In

Unique, Just To Be Different

Sometimes you find an instrument that just speaks to you, and we have designed the DUKE10 to get noticed.

From its minimalist design to its unique and quirky headstock, this banjolele attracts a lot of attention.

The design is sure to make you stand out in a crowd!


And Then There's The Gig Bag

Talk about making a statement!

You will certainly get noticed when you walk in toting your DUKE10 in this colorful and fun gig bag.

Every DUKE10 comes in one of these awesome bags, complete with backpack-style straps. Grab yours today and stand out from the crowd.

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What People Say

Jamie Houston Promo Photo with DUKE10 Banjo Ukulele

Who Is Jamie Houston?

Worldwide Impact - Making a Difference

Playing, singing or listening to music is such a wonderful thing. Many of us, me included, use it as a way to relieve stress and to add real joy into our lives and the lives of others.

Ukulele has become the instrument of choice for millions of us around the world. It has to be the happiest instrument on the planet! We're sure you will agree that it's almost impossible not to smile and laugh when you are playing.

By creating the DUKE10 Tenor Banjo Ukulele, DUKE BANJO UKULELES has a real stake in helping the world to become a better place.

Our vision is for every ukulele player in the world to add a DUKE Banjo Uke to their (usually growing) collection.

We are Proud to Support Survivor Girl Ukulele Band Project in India

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We are on a mission to gather as many inspiring 'Ukulele Stories' as we can. Why? Because we know that making music on a ukulele, or in our case the Banjolele, and spreading that love far and wide is one of the most powerful ways to make a real difference in our communities.

We like to think of DUKE Banjo Ukuleles as a company that spreads happiness, and believe that through our DUKE10 Banjolele we have a real stake in helping the world to become a better place.

Whatever level of player you are, we want to hear how the ukulele has changed your life! Send us your story here.

Want to wait? As of June 2023 we are exploring the possibility of manufacturing more DUKE10 Banjoleles.

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