The Latest from Duke Banjo Ukuleles

  • Production Update [Video] - Factory Tour

    After an 'educational' trip to visit our manufacturing facility in Dongguan city in December 2018, I came away with a bit more knowledge about what it means to be a manufacturer in China, or maybe I should  say to... 
  • Production Update [Jamie In China]

    Hi everyone, its was very hard to get connected to certain western websites when I was in China, but here are a few photos of me (Jamie Houston) at the factory checking on the production of the DUKE10 banjolele. 
  • Production Update - Spraying and Assembling

    These photos just arrived from the manufacturer today. They show the DUKE10 drum rims and necks being sprayed with a clear sealant and the drums being assembled.
  • Production Update - Drum Rims and Necks Ready To Go

    More photos today showing the DUKE10 Banjo Ukulele drum rims and necks / headstocks ready to be assembled.
  • Production Update - New Photos From Our Manufacturer

    We have had lots of activity this week. Here are a few photos that have just arrived from our manufacturer.
  • Production Update [Video] - Samples Just Arrived From China

    We just received a courier parcel from China. It contained a sample of the 10" drum, as well as a drum head screen printed with the DUKE10 logo.
  • Production Update - Screen Printed Logo

    Check out the Duke 10 Logo and Crown screen printed on a smaller drum head as a sample before printing the whole batch of 300.
  • Production Update - Fretboard Marker Dots

    As things start to ramp up at our production facility, the marker dots are being put into the fretboards of the DUKE10 Banjo Ukulele. 
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