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How Do We Test Intonation on the DUKE10?

One of the most remarked upon and highly valued features of our DUKE10 Tenor Banjolele is the intonation. If you are not sure what intonation means, then here is a brief explanation that will hopefully make sense, regardless of your level of musical knowledge:

Intonation is how 'true' a note is to pitch as the player moves up the fingerboard. A 'true' instrument, when properly set up, should produce the same note on an open string that it does one octave higher i.e. when you play that same string with your finger on the 12th fret. In other words, when you play an open 'A' string that is tuned correctly it will show 440 Hertz on the tuner, and when you play it using the 12th fret it will show 880 Hz.

This short video below shows Mr Wang, the head of quality control at our factory, conducting extensive checking up and down the fingerboard before finally checking the edges of the frets for smoothness. This is the extent we go to with every DUKE10-V3.



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