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DUKE10 Specifications

Whether you play chords on it like a ukulele, or tune and finger-pick it like a banjo, the sound is always bright and loud, but with a richness that stands out from the crowd.
We selected the longer tenor-sized fretboard to make it easier to play, as the frets have a wider spacing than smaller fretboards like concert and soprano.
​The first thing you will notice upon taking it out of the box is that it is SUPER LIGHT! - 50% lighter than any other banjolele.
The DUKE10 is designed in New Zealand and carefully built in China using precision components from Canada, New Zealand, China, USA and Italy.
We personally oversee the manufacture of the DUKE10 in our carefully appointed facility in China. We also personally quality check, tune and play each DUKE10 before it gets safely stored in its very own unique gig bag. It is then boxed up, ready for shipping to you.
The DUKE10 comes out of the box without needing any adjustments, every time...and it stays that way forever. ​Just stand the bridge up, quickly re-tune the strings, and go!


  • Instrument Weight - 2lbs (1kg) (excluding packaging)
  • Total Length - 25.9” (64cm)
  • Drum Size - 10” (25.4cm) 
  • Drum Construction - 5 Ply Birch
  • Frets - 18 - Nickel Silver
  • Fret Marker Pearloid Side Dots at frets 5,7,10 & 12
  • Action at Fret 1 - 0.5mm to 0.75mm 
  • Action at Fret 12 - 2.2mm to 3.0mm
  • Nut Width 1.3/8” (35mm) - Plastic
  • Distance from Nut to 12th fret 8.464” (21.5cm)
  • Tuners - 4:1 planetary gears - mother of pearl finsh + chrome plating
  • Fretboard - American walnut with mother of pearl acrylic fret marker inlays
  • Electrics - Schatten Design LP-15 transducer pickup with std 1/4” input jack
  • Arm Rest - Chrome plated aluminium
  • Neck - solid nato wood
  • Strings - Genuine Aquila Supernylgut tenor ukulele strings GCEA tuning
  • Drum head - high impact polyvinyl
  • Tailpiece - precision “Smooth Edge” steel

  • Also included:

    • Bright and colorful padded gig bag with shoulder straps, pocket and carry handle
    • Fully adjustable white webbing shoulder strap with black DUKE logo
    • Drum tensioner key

    Watch the short video below to learn how to setup your ​DUKE 10 and get the best from your new banjolele.

    Playing chords on the DUKE10 is easy, as tenor fret placement is spacious  …  making the DUKE10 perfect for both budding or experienced musicians.  Many choose to use a DUKE10 to compliment a guitar group – the result is full & melodious!
    With guitars, surrounded by DUKE10s, you will hear the old time tunes the way their composers originally intended, while enjoying the easy fingering of the tenor fretboard.
    Although many believe the ultimate guitar/banjolele/ukulele sound combo to be found in the tunes of the 1920’s, 
    we encourage you to blend these instrument combinations in modern songs.