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DUKE10 Specifications & Setup


duke10 profile drawing with sizings

  • Tenor Scale Length - 17" (43cm) from nut to bridge
  • Strings - Aquila Supernylgut tenor ukulele strings with high G (model 106U) - traditional GCEA (re-entrant) tuning. Made in Italy.
  • Instrument Weight - 2.4lbs (1.1kg) (excluding hard case & packaging)
  • Total Length - 27.56” (70cm) - from bottom of drum to top of headstock
  • Drum Size (diameter) - 10” (25.4cm) 
  • Drum Construction - 5 Ply Birch with thicker inner ply for better structural integrity, more rigidity and greater resonance ('Season 3' Upgrade)
  • Fretboard - American walnut with mother-of-pearl acrylic fret marker inlays (dots) at frets 5, 7, 10 & 12
  • Fret Marker Side Dots at frets 5,7,10 & 12 - mother-of-pearl acrylic
  • Frets - 18 - Nickel Silver 
  • Action Height at Fret One - 0.5mm to 0.75mm 
  • Action at Height Fret Twelve - 2.2mm to 3.0mm
  • Nut Material - Bone ('Season 3' Upgrade from plastic)
  • Nut Width 1.3/8” (35mm)
  • Distance from Nut to 12th fret 8.464” (21.5cm)
  • Tuners - rear-facing banjo-style 4:1 ratio planetary gears - chrome plated with mother of pearl acrylic knobs 
  • Electrics - Dual passive transducer pickup system (made in USA) with std 1/4” input jack ('Season 3' Upgrade from single transducer)
  • Arm Rest - Chrome plated steel ('Season 3' Modification - smaller and closer fitting)
  • Neck - solid nato wood
  • Drum head - high density polyvinyl screen printed with DUKE10 crown graphic
  • Tailpiece - precision “smooth-edge” steel​ 

Also included:

  • An awesome wooden Hard Case -  All DUKE10's will ship in our custom-designed Vintage-Style Tweed Case'Season 3' Upgrade (replaces gig bag). We also have a few classic black cases with alligator finish available as of April 2024.
  • Fully adjustable black nylon shoulder strap with black leather ends, and two small leather strap ties/holders to attach shoulder strap to tension rods. 'Season 3' Upgrade (replaces white strap). 
  • Drum tensioner key with integrated Phillips-head screwdriver for tightening the machine head tuning knobs



Your banjo ukulele will come out of the box without needing any adjustments, every time...and it stays that way forever. ​Just stand the bridge up, re-tune the strings, and go!

Watch the short video below to learn how to set up your ​DUKE10 banjolele bridge.

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