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  • Listen to the DUKE10 - Live and Amplified

    Our friend and DUKE10 advocate Matt Hicks recently was privileged to be the support act for world-renowned entertainer, recording artist and ukulele banjo nut Andy Eastwood. He decided to go on stage and do his whole set with his DUKE10. Matt told us...
  • Listen To The DUKE10 - Ain't She Sweet

    Check out this great video clip from Jake Goldstein, another happy owner of a DUKE10 Banjo Uke. He shares his rendition of Ain't She Sweet. Thanks for letting us share it Jake.
  • Listen to the DUKE10 - I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever

    Take a listen to Ring playing and singing a beautiful contemporary Christian song "I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever". Ring's husband bought her a DUKE10 banjolele for her birthday and she tells us she really loves it.
  • Tutorial - Dream A Little Dream Of Me - on the DUKE10 Banjolele

    Watch as our good friend Stukulele gives a tutorial of the song "Dream A Little Dream Of Me" using the DUKE10 Banjo Ukulele.
  • Listen to the DUKE10 - Detour

    Here's our good friend Matt Hicks from UK giving us a demo of the DUKE10. He is playing the song "Detour". This song shows off the tonal characteristics of the DUKE10 really well because Matt uses fingerpicking as well as strumming, giving you a good idea of how each style sounds.
  • Listen to the DUKE10 Plugged In and Amplified

    Here's a tune played by one of our happy reviewers with the DUKE10 plugged in to an amplifier. Listen to Tatsuko Kaneda ​of playing Ain't She Sweet. 
  • Listen to the DUKE10 - Turkey In The Straw

    Check out our friend Stukulele playing "Turkey In The Straw" on the DUKE10 Tenor Banjo Ukulele. 
  • Listen to the DUKE10 - On The Beach

    Check out this little sound bite of "On the Beach" played for us by Stukulele on the DUKE10 Tenor Banjo Ukulele
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What Customers Say

22 reviews
Christmas Duke arives in time

Big thanks to Jamie at Duke Banjo Ukuleles,
My wife, who obviously got the big hint for my Christmas gift ordered the Duke 10 and was advised that they only stood a slim chance of getting it to me in time but would pull out all stops to get it delivered to Perth Western Australia. And they did, it arrived on the 24th December whilst I was out but was received by my wife and whisked away before I had chance to notice. A wonderful surprise that was backed up with supper service from Jamie who did his utmost to get it to delivered. I already have 3 other Banjoleles but the Duke 10 is so beautifully set up its an absolute pleasure to play. If I could give it a 10 star rating I would, its wonderful instrument. Thanks again Jamie and by the way, the bag turned up a week or so later as promised.

Ian Dixon

Hi, I'm so thrilled your DUKE10 arrived in time! And even better, that Eva was able to keep it a secret Thanks for your wonderful review. Enjoy your new'baby'. Jamie - owner.
The DUKE10 - A Good Banjo Uke!

This is a good banjo uke. Good sound. The neck and fretboard made it easy and smooth to play. One of the few banjoleles with an armrest. Has good volume but if thats not enough for you it come with a nice pickup.

Very Impressed with the DUKE10 Banjolele

I am very impressed with the DUKE10. It has a mellow banjo ukulele sound - very easy & fun to play. In fact, 24 people from my band (out of 40) purchased the DUKE10, and every one of them is happy with the uke.
It is excellent value. If you’re in the market I’d recommend it highly.

Great product!

Great product! The sound is definitely loud as for a so light instrument, with a large sustain and a beautiful design. Jamie has been really kind and attentive during all the process (even for the shipping). Thank you, good job

Thanks so much for your kind words Serenella, we are thrilled that you love your DUKE10 so much. And thanks for the awesome video, great to hear you playing your new banjo ukulele. Jamie, Owner.
Great buy .

Firstly the customer support during the process of purchasing the Duke uke was second to none . Through several emails I was kept informed of progress and when the uke arrived there was a small problem with the armrest being a little loose . When informed of this I immediately received a reply and a video showing me how to deal with it . This level of customer support you do not get very often , if ever . Regarding the uke I regard it as great value . I have been playing the uke for nearly forty years and have many ukes and now this uke is one of my favourites . It looks great and is easy to play , true all the way up the neck , no buzzing . Also you don't need the fingers of Superman to play the Bb chord !

Thank you Jim, I appreciate your kind words, and am glad that you are so happy with your DUKE10 banjolele. May you enjoy many years of joyful strumming - Jamie, Owner