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A Few More Factory Updates

Over the last couple of weeks we have had many photos and videos of the DUKE10 from 'Season 3' as it progresses through the production process. Owner Jamie Houston has had his hands full checking details and ensuring specifications are met and requesting extra images if something has not looked up to par. Things like rough edges, crooked parts or fittings that are not quite flush, and so on.

Here are a few more images showing you various parts of the production process.

This short video shows the start of the process involved in creating one of our stunning new hard cases.

This is what the finished vintage-style tweed case looks like. Plush enough to sleep in! :-)

Here you can see the unshaped necks and headstocks being glued to the spines.

DUKE10 Neck and spine being glued

Here are the fingerboards after being attached to the neck and spine assembly.

duke10 necks with fingerboards attached

Slowly coming together.

duke10 banjolele coming together

A new upgrade just to hand - a slimmer and tidier armrest will be fitted, giving the DUKE10 a sleeker look. 

new smaller armrest on the DUKE10 banjo ukulele

 old armrest vs new armrest on duke10 banjolele

See the first two completed DUKE10's.

Other production updates.

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