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Sam and His Travels with His New DUKE10 Banjolele

It is always wonderful when DUKE10 owners share their stories with us, so when we received a series of photos from Sam Coleman from Eaton Rapids, we couldn't wait to share it with you all.

Sam tells us that his new DUKE10 Banjolele from 'Season 3' has travelled about 100 miles through central Michigan, starting in the east at Williamston, through Eaton Rapids (Sam's home town) to Lake Odessa in the west - see the map below.

map of central michigan state

On his travels Sam was visiting several ukulele clubs where he was, of course, showing off his new banjolele. He says that over 125 people played his “Duke” and loved it. As you scroll down you will see the photos Sam has shared with us, beginning with Sam showing us that he scored one of only ten DUKE10's personally signed by Duke Banjo Ukuleles owner Jamie Houston. The other photos are of him at a few of different ukulele clubs, starting with Sam playing at the ER Ukers Ukulele Monthly Jam - they meet on the first Thursday of the month at Union Street School in Eaton Rapids, then with the Lake O’ Ukulele Jam - they meet on the 1st & 3rd Friday Nights of the month at Bob's Barn in Lake Odessa Michigan - the heart of Michigan farm country. Finally there is a pic of Sam at the Six String Place, a music shop in Williamston, Michigan who sponsors the Ukulele Jam - they meet on the first Wednesday of the month at the Eagles Club, headed up by Paula Warren from the Six String Place.

Sam is involved in many different activities but one that is particularly close to his heart is a special festival he runs in October each year for Heart & Hands Food Pantry in Eaton Rapids. Last year, for their inaugural festival they had over 120 people attend and they hope to have more this year. Sam proudly tells us that all those people will see and hear the story behind the “Duke”.

Sam leaves us with this accolade: "Needless to say I am very pleased with “Duke”. I highly recommend the “Duke” to anyone who wants a great sounding banjo ukulele (the BEST in my opinion!) and not a tinny sounding banjo ukulele like so many of the others."

sam coleman and hise duke10-v3 banjolele and his travels in central michigan
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