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Shipping Prices & Covid-19 Updates

UPDATE from Jamie Houston, Owner, Duke Banjo Ukuleles

21 September 2020 - Slight Price Increases Across The Board - the affect of COVID-19 on worldwide shipping prices is not going away any time soon from what we are tracking. There are frequent fluctuations with all our shipping lines and these are the current shipping prices:

NOTE: we closely monitor these rates in order to keep our pricing current.

Here are the latest worldwide shipping prices (in USD):    

  • USA $78
  • UK $57
  • Canada $86
  • France $63
  • Germany $72
  • Ireland $71
  • Spain $64
  • Netherlands $61
  • Japan $34
  • Australia $67
  • New Zealand $63
  • Rest of the world: By Quote Only

    Shipping time has now decreased to between 5-15 business days, plus processing time, which is usually up to 2 business days. Although there are still some unexpected delays from time to time.

    Please contact me (Jamie Houston) if you have any questions.

    4 September 2020 - Price Changes to Worldwide Shipping - due to continuing fluctuations with all our shipping lines, prices are both increasing and decreasing depending on the destination country.

    26 August 2020 - Back to Normal? - we can (maybe) say that things are (almost) back to normal. Hooray! 

    26 June 2020 - Shipping Prices Fluctuating But Most Are Coming Down. The latest prices have been applied in our online store. Previously you had to request a shipping quote before placing an order, but now you are able to process your own orders without asking for a shipping quote.

    9 June 2020 - More price drops - Yay! We are able to report a trend of downward price drops across most shipping lines. 

    2 June 2020 - FINALLY! We have just woken up to an email from our logistics company advising a drop in some shipping rates overnight. Let's hope the drops continue.

    26 May 2020 - Sadly, prices are still increasing, and now we are discovering that many shipping lines are either suspending their services or are adding fuel surcharges, so we have to be very careful we don't get caught out. It is painful for us that shipping prices are so high, and we truly hope things will change soon!

    29 April 2020 - We have had issues regarding the payment of VAT upfront on our orders into EU and UK, so have had to change our shipping line. We are not charging VAT upfront to our customers, so (as per our terms) if your shipment is stopped by Customs, you are liable for any VAT, taxes and/or any other charges. Obviously we could add VAT on top of the price but, as we understand, some shipments do not get stopped so many of you are getting lucky! :-)

    21 April 2020 - We are still seeing a lot of volatility in shipping prices, and can't predict what is going to happen in the near future. We have seen two price increase in the last 7 days alone. The sooner this COVID-19 thing quiets down the better!

    23 March 2020 - The good news is that even with much of the world in compulsory self-isolation and/or lockdown we are still able to ship DUKE10's out of our warehouse in China. So if you are wanting to place an order please contact me (Jamie Houston) first to obtain a quote on the shipping cost. 

    Sadly though, the cost of shipping to some countries is very high, so you may wish to wait until the prices come down again if you live in those countries. Processing time is now taking up to 5 working days before a shipment is sent.

    17 March 2020 - Some countries, such as Canada, have announced that all travel to the country is now banned. This DOES NOT affect commerce and trade, hence all shipments of goods (e.g. the DUKE10) WILL BE ALLOWED into the country.

    5 March 2020 - Our main shipping line (and our least expensive) has been withdrawn overnight. We have other options so shipping is continuing. Our logistics company had this to report:

    "Due to the surge in cargo volume, the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak, large numbers of air flights being cancelled, demand exceeding supply, and the cost of air transportation going up markedly, the price of shipping is increasing effective immediately."

    It would seem that delivery times should still be within 7 - 20 working days as stated below.

    4 March 2020 - We have been hit with huge shipping price increases in the last 7 days. These are undoubtedly due to the impact of the Coronavirus worldwide, and we are absorbing as much as we can.

    Shipping time has now increased to between 7-20 business days, plus processing time which is usually up to 4 business days. 

    1 March 2020 - We currently have a shipping line available that is not experiencing any delays. So orders will be processed within 2 business days and shipping will take up to 16 business days for most countries worldwide. 

    27 February 2020 - we are awaiting advice from our warehousing and shipping company in Shenzhen, China, as to delays for specific countries. Currently, we are expecting delays for shipments passing through Honk Kong, but can't confirm which shipping lines or destination countries are affected. 

    Please contact Jamie Houston (owner of Duke Banjo Ukjuleles) here if you have any questions you would like answered.

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