Coronavirus (Covid-19) Updates

23 March 2020 - The good news is that even with much of the world in compulsory self-isolation and/or lockdown we are still able to ship DUKE10's out of our warehouse in China. So if you are wanting to place an order please contact me (Jamie Houston) first to obtain a quote on the shipping cost. Some countries are "no-go" right now, such as Italy & France, but others are fine.

Sadly though, the cost of shipping to some countries is very high, so you may wish to wait until the prices come down again if you live in those countries. See below for estimated rates.

All people wishing to order a DUKE10 must CONTACT US to request a shipping quote before their order will be shipped.

Our updated (approximate) shipping prices are as follows (in USD):

  • The United States: $99
  • Canada $75 
  • The United Kingdom $70
  • Ireland $75
  • France $75
  • Germany $75
  • Australia $55 
  • New Zealand $105
  • Rest of the world: By Quote Only

17 March 2020 - Some countries, such as Canada, have announced that all travel to the country is now banned. This DOES NOT affect commerce and trade, hence all shipments of goods (e.g. the DUKE10) WILL BE ALLOWED into the country.

16 March 2020 - Shipping price increases over the last 24 hours has meant we have had to make the difficult call of holding all orders/shipments to the US & NZ until prices come down again. You have the option of requesting a shipping quote and placing an order if you live in the US or NZ, but no orders will be shipped to the US or NZ until a shipping price has been quoted and paid for. 

5 March 2020 - Our main shipping line (and our least expensive) has been withdrawn overnight. We have other options so shipping is continuing. Our logistics company had this to report:

"Due to the surge in cargo volume, the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak,  large numbers of air flights being cancelled, demand exceeding supply, and the cost of air transportation going up markedly, the price of shipping is increasing effective immediately."

It would seem that delivery times should still be within 7 - 20 working days as stated below.

4 March 2020 - We have been hit with huge shipping price increases in the last 7 days. These are undoubtedly due to the impact of the Coronavirus worldwide. We are absorbing as much as we can, e.g. a DUKE10 we shipped to the UK on March 3 cost us $USD90 in total to ship, but we only charged $30 (now increased to $50).

Shipping time has now increased to between 7-20 business days, plus processing time which is usually up to 2 business days. 

Remember you can claim a $35 discount in March by using the code: IRISH

1 March 2020 - We currently have a shipping line available that is not experiencing any delays. So orders will be processed within 2 business days and shipping will take up to 16 business days for most countries worldwide. 

27 February 2020 - we are awaiting advice from our warehousing and shipping company in Shenzhen, China, as to delays for specific countries. Currently, we are expecting delays for shipments passing through Honk Kong, but can't confirm which shipping lines or destination countries are affected. 

Please contact Jamie Houston (owner of Duke Banjo Ukjuleles) here if you have any questions you would like answered.


  • Thanks Dennis :-)
    And to answer your question Mike, you might like to read this article: https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2020/03/04/go-ahead-open-that-package-coronavirus-doesnt-spread-by-mail/

    Jamie Houston - Owner
  • Thank you for being so thorough.

    Dennis Frere-Smith
  • Can a person get the Corona Virus in the U.S., by handling a ukulele or other instrument made in China by infected workers? What is the percentage of certainty?


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