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Dave's Musical Journey (DUKE10 Winner)

It all started with a Christmas present when I was 12. I wasn't impressed with the guitar so it languished in a clothes cupboard until it fell out and broke its neck!
I always preferred percussion. I constantly tapped in rhythm on sauce bottles, saucepans anything that made that satisfying clang. It drove my poor mother nuts.
My dad played tenor saxophone in his own dance band in the 1960's. Once I'd caught sight of the drum kit I was smitten. So my parents succumbed and allowed me to buy a drum kit. It cost me £37 17s 6d in old UK money. I loved it. I practised everyday after school.
When I was accomplished enough to join my father's band I was 14 years of age. I was bitten by the performance bug.
It's all history from there. From playing drums and singing lead vocals in the dance band, I progressed to pop bands and worked semi-pro.
I turned pro in 1969 aged 17, playing drums and singing vocals in a pop band for the USAF in Greece and Turkey for over 12 months.
Over the years my love of music has introduced me to many genres, namely jazz, big band, country, pop. I also did songwriting and teaching musical instruments to young and old. A huge shout out to one of my favourites, The Everly Brothers, my first ever LP. 
dave lee with his instruments 1
I eventually turned fully pro in 1980 after a period of semi-pro work and raising a family with my wife, Eve. I formed a cabaret trio playing keyboards, guitar and vocals. And I never had a proper job after that!
I had great fun performing with a Bee Gees tribute band in 2001-2005. The largest audience we played to was 13,000 Bee Gee fans. 
I've written two successful stage musicals and composed many songs including country, pop, and ballads. I was invited to Nashville, Tennessee where I had the honour of working with accomplished country musicians in Dolly Parton’s recording studio. An album called LA music UK is available to listen to, on SoundCloud.
I've discovered many beautiful instruments, namely banjo, dobro, mandolin, ukulele and many more, and I play them all!
dave lee and his instruments 2
I'm now 68 and still enjoying my musical journey, sharing my passion as I teach 9 others to play the ukulele. They are collectively known as the ‘The Plonkers.’
I'm impressed with the ukulele’s versatility. It's the perfect instrument for beginners, young and old. But it's more than that, it's awesome.

Please take my advice. "If you want to play faster, play it slow."
I'm thrilled to be the winner of the DUKE10 Tenor Banjo Ukulele! Hard to believe really. Many thanks to Jamie at Duke Banjo Ukuleles.

Dave Lee
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