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Banjo Uke Changed My Life For The Better

chris with duke10 texas usa


Hello, My name is Chris.

I have been strumming on stringed instruments since I was a child. 

In 2017 I was in a bad car accident that hindered me greatly physically and mentally. I was in a very bad dark place and didn't know what to do, I basically lost everything about myself and my life. I had to build myself back up to being human.

While I was drudging through all of that, I saw Uke videos on Youtube and I was amazed how happy I had become after listening to the music. So I grabbed one and started to learn. I quickly fell in love with the banjo Uke. Something about the sound makes my day great and brighter.

I have now recovered greatly from my car wreck and I work and volunteer at my local library. I believe The banjo uke changed my life for the better and helped me out of the hardest time of my life so far.

I just purchased a DUKE10 and I absolutely love it. It feels so good in the hands like a quality made instrument. I play small gigs now and then, and I introduce people to this amazing instrument.  Who knows, maybe it makes their day brighter as well?

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