The Turkey and the Duke

Time for a funny Christmas song from our ever-present Matt Hicks, who loves to regale us with his original songs. I can imagine him as a travelling minstrel, back in the 'olden days', going from town to town for meagre pickings as people rolled their eyes and groaned at his humour!

But seriously, Matt is a good friend of mine (even though we have never met in person!) and I am continually amazed at both his musicality and dexterity on the fretboard, along with his dry wit.

Please enjoy this song called 'Tarquin The Turkey'.

Please check out Matt's YouTube Channel and consider subscribing - we know he would appreciate it.

And, have a listen to Matt playing the DUKE10 live in concert, plugged in using the pickup that is fitted as standard on all DUKE10's in these videos.

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