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Thanks for visiting! We are thrilled you are here. If you are interested in the DUKE10 Banjo Ukulele that Karim plays in his videos, then you have come to the right place. 

    Keep scrolling to find out more about the DUKE10 Banjolele. We are sorry but the discount offer has now ended.

    What is the DUKE10? Simply put, it is a tenor banjolele that strums like a uke and picks like a banjo. Playing a DUKE10 is really fun, and a totally captivating experience. Why not explore a new sound and delve into the world of banjoleles? Each one is supplied complete with an electric pickup, a comfy armrest and a colourful gig bag. Head over to our specifications and setup page for more details.

    At just 2.2lbs (1KG) the DUKE10 is very lightweight and has an uncharacteristically warm and rich sound, due to the way we have constructed it, and the large 10" drum. Everyone that plays it is amazed at how light it is, which means you won't get sore arms or shoulders (like you do with most banjoleles!)

    You are invited to explore our website to find out more. Simply click the links below:


    *Shipping Information: Please see our current shipping rates and COVID-19 updates here. 
    Shipping time is currently about 5-15 business days, plus processing time which can be up to 2 business days.

    *Price excludes Duty, VAT, Sales Taxes and/or Customs charges, IF APPLICABLE. In other words, if your shipment does not get stopped by Customs then you will not have to pay anything extra, and a large majority of DUKE10s do not get stopped.

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