DUKE10 Banjolele Review & Giveaway with Katie DeNure


Oh my goodness! Katie DeNure from One Music School has released her unboxing and review video of the DUKE10 Banjo Uke and she ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT! We are over the moon (of course) and would love to share her video with you.

The DUKE10 Banjolele Giveaway that we did with Katie is now closed. You can see our Winner Announcement here.

So please watch Katie's video below and then check out her social media channels. By following Katie you will find a huge goldmine of ukulele tutorials and ukulele related material, plus I know she would really appreciate you following her.

Follow Katie on Instagram here.  Follow Katie on YouTube here.

Use this code at checkout to SAVE $USD85.00 off a DUKE10 Banjo Ukulele until Sunday 16 June:  KT85

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  • I was waiting and waiting for the draw result, and want to know who is the lucky one. and hope im the lucky one. anyway, i gonna buy one and see now since my wife finally permitted.

    Gordon Lu
  • I was born and grew up in Lancashire England watching and listening to George Formby music and movies and from a little boy wanted to play the ukulele just like George Formby. Of coarse at that age I never new that he was actually playing a Banjolele. I still love them I now live in Australia and play in a ukulele group, we play at old folks homes and in the summer give free concerts at the City Park Launceston Tasmania. We have a base uke, a baritone uke, Tenors and sopranos. I made a resonator uke, but a Banjolele would add a great extra sound to the group.


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