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And the Winner is Duke Juanitas

We are once again thrilled to announce the winner of our 2nd DUKE10 Banjolele Giveaway. This time we teamed up with the wonderful Katie DeNure of One Music School.

Our winner is a deserving family man, Duke Juanitas from the Sacramento region of California, who tells us he is so excited to win the DUKE10. We can't believe the coincidence of his first name being the same as our company name!

"I just started playing the uke, this year, learning from watching Katie on YouTube along with watching Cynthia Lin and Aldren from Ukelele Underground. I am a firefighter and have been doing it for 18 years. I also have three daughters and my wife Stacy, who love and support me playing the uke and we do daily sing-alongs with my limited skills. Playing has been very therapeutic for me. I have PTSD and anxiety from many years on the job but feel with God's help, and that of my family, through playing the ukulele my stress levels have gone down and I haven't had a panic attack in a long time. I am honored to receive this awesome gift."


duke10 giveaway winner duke juanitas
duke10 giveaway winner duke juanitas
duke10 giveaway winner
duke juanitas and family at disneyland
duke juanitas firefighter

We are just so pleased that our banjo ukulele is going to someone who will put it to good use and that he has already learned the benefits of making music on a ukulele. For us, that makes everything we do worthwhile. 

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