And the winner of the DUKE10 Banjolele is...

jenny selig wins the duke10 banjolele tv mockup
We are thrilled to announce that Jenny Selig who lives in Brooklyn, NY, USA is the WINNER of the DUKE10 Banjolele in our Giveaway with @bernadetteteachesmusic. Congratulations Jenny, we are so happy for you, and you will get your DUKE10 sent to you ASAP. (hope you like our 'official' television announcement mockup above!)

Jenny tells us she has been playing ukulele for just over 2 years and owns three ukuleles (concert, longneck soprano, and tenor) and her eight year old has a soprano, but she's never even touched a banjolele! She loves the sound when she hears them being played by online uke friends though (whew!). 

Jenny is the co-founder of the NYC Uke Squad and leads jams for them 1-2 times a month in New York City. She lives in Brooklyn, NY and tells us that for her, ukulele has opened up a wide doorway - one leading to music and the math of theory, to wonderful teachers and colleagues, and to an extended community. It’s become integral of Jenny's life and an important part of her self-care. 

If you would like to find out more about Jenny and her work/teaching with ukuleles you will find her here:
We recommend you keep an eye out on our blog and social media channels for the next giveaway, because a little birdie tells us it could be very soon!

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    Greetings from NL to NZL

    I am very pleased with the Duke 10. Easy to play and sounds the way I like it. A good mix between banjo and ukulele and sounds good too with clawhammer style. Thank you also for the fast delivery (it took only 12 days to the Netherlands).

    A very nice banjo uke.

    Quick delivery. The Duke 10 plays very well, love the sound.
    The pick up works fine. If you play it over a PA the Duke 10 sound great. Very natural.
    I play in a band and it's nice to have a new sound on it.

    A close 5

    I love this Duke 10 Banjo - Ukulele....the set up is great and it plays very well. The tenor neck gives more room for my fingers. The only limitation is my ability, I have not played a Banjo Ukulele before but I can see the possibilities. We are part of a ukulele group 'Rukes' consisting of a Uke-bass, Duke 10 and about 10 Ukes, we play and sing anything - folk, country, Church, and popular songs of the last 60 years. I have started using the Duke 10 as a lead instrument picking out the tune, mostly within the strum, using a soft flat pick. The greater volume enables me to be heard above the other ukuleles. I am still developing this technique but am very pleased with the way it is going.

    Hi Pat - thanks so much for your 5 Star Review! We appreciate that it was carefully considered, and thanks for the pic! All the best, Jamie Houston - Owner.
    Christmas Duke arives in time

    Big thanks to Jamie at Duke Banjo Ukuleles,
    My wife, who obviously got the big hint for my Christmas gift ordered the Duke 10 and was advised that they only stood a slim chance of getting it to me in time but would pull out all stops to get it delivered to Perth Western Australia. And they did, it arrived on the 24th December whilst I was out but was received by my wife and whisked away before I had chance to notice. A wonderful surprise that was backed up with supper service from Jamie who did his utmost to get it to delivered. I already have 3 other Banjoleles but the Duke 10 is so beautifully set up its an absolute pleasure to play. If I could give it a 10 star rating I would, its wonderful instrument. Thanks again Jamie and by the way, the bag turned up a week or so later as promised.

    Ian Dixon

    Hi, I'm so thrilled your DUKE10 arrived in time! And even better, that Eva was able to keep it a secret Thanks for your wonderful review. Enjoy your new'baby'. Jamie - owner.