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jamie houston owner of duke banjo ukuleles with duke10 headshot   the ukulele fool aka Lisa Kljaich

Hi there, this is Jamie Houston, owner of DUKE Banjo Ukuleles. Thanks for listening in to my interview with Lisa, a.k.a. The Ukulele Fool. It was lovely to chat with her and share some of my personal stories, but also to find out more about the amazing work she is doing in providing healing through music and ukuleles - **LISA - WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO MENTION AND LINK TO HERE?**


Here are a few links that relate to some of the things we talked about during the interview. 

Jamie Houston's Story

 Duke Merchandise Store

(includes the t-shirt Jamie is wearing)

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Our Social Media Channels

Video Tour Showing the DUKE10 Banjolele Being Manufactured

And FYI - Jamie from DUKE Gets Featured In 'UKE Magazine'

Read the blog post here


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