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Three DUKE10 Banjoleles In One Order!

Sally, Ann and Dave with their DUKE10 banjoleles from Northland, New Zealand

Sally, Ann and Dave with their DUKE10 Banjo Ukuleles in Northland, New Zealand

My brother Dave and me have been very interested in all things musical from an early age. Our parents gave Dave a ukulele when he was 13 and he later played guitar and drums, which he has done now for many years.

My husband and I took up ukulele about 4 years ago and Dave has turned full circle and now concentrates mainly on uke.  Between us all (three) we have 13 ukuleles and/or banjoleles, made up of sopranos, concerts, tenors, baritones, bass and banjoleles. We have a family group called "The UnKnownEntitieS".

When we set up a music studio at home and started teaching ukulele my friend Ann took it up. She liked the sound of a banjolele I had and borrowed it from me for about 8 months.  We looked online for a tenor sized banjolele with electric pickup, and since finding the DUKE10, she had her heart set on owning one!  Knowing Dave was also interested in an electric tenor banjo ukulele, I said to Ann that when she was ready to buy hers I would get one for Dave as well. So between making the initial enquiry for 2 of them and confirming the order, I decided I wasn't going to miss out, so we ended up ordering 3!

We are all delighted with our DUKE10's, and my husband, who has settled on playing baritone ukulele, is currently missing out until Duke Banjo Ukuleles bring out the baritone banjolele! :-)

Kindly sent in by Sally from Northland in New Zealand.

***UPDATE*** Since this article was written, four more DUKE10's have gone into the same town! That ukulele club will be blowing off the roof! 

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