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Sally Hopes To Inspire Others With Her Story

When my children were young I took up playing the guitar but never really had time to become a proficient player. Now that I have grandchildren, two who live in Australia so FaceTime is how we communicate, I thought it would be fun to learn the ukulele. A month into it I'm obsessed with the sound and my grandchildren's reactions when I pull it out to play.

Though I can't be in their lives daily I hope that their love of music will forever be imprinted in their lives. I believe it's important to stay connected with my grandchildren and playing music for them and with them melts my heart. I hope this inspires others to do the same.

Here are 2 fun videos of our 20-month-old grandchildren from Australia who we're currently visiting. You'll see me referring to a small book which is filled with kids songs that we keep adding to.

My next goal is to learn the banjolele!

Thank you for letting me share.

Sally - New Hampshire, USA

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