Priyadharshni's Ukulele Story from India

"குரல் இல்லாதவருக்கு விரல்" (pronounced as - kural illathavargalukku vi-ral). This is a famous saying in Tamil, which means - "Those who don't have a good voice may pursue music through their fingers". I feel the music is so perfect through any instruments than through my voice as there is a possibility that my voice can make a mistake but the instruments don't.
I started my musical journey by starting to learn Carnatic music and learnt a little electronic keyboard and a bit of Veena. (Carnatic music is the music form generally learnt by people living in the south of India, and Veena is a beautiful stringed instrument, which we believe is played by one of our Gods named 'Saraswathi').
Learning Veena made it possible for me to play guitar without any knowledge about the guitar. While watching a series came across ukulele. Funny thing is I didn't know how it is called. Later that day I Googled and found it - UKULELE. For around a month I just saw the tutorials and photos without even buying. 
I owned my first ukulele (and second musical instrument other than keyboard) approximately 7 months ago. It is Ashton soprano ukulele. It is the cheapest so my dad went for that, promising that he'll get a better one once I move on to intermediate stage. Nobody in my family or my town is aware of this beautiful instrument. Looking at its size they just assume it is a toy guitar for kids. Then I'll be showing them some videos of ukulele players convincing them that it is a real instrument.
I became better after I started participating in the 100 days of ukulele songs project by Cynthia Lynn Uke Squad.
In my childhood, I wished to sing songs while playing an instrument and always thought that that instrument would be guitar. That dream just came true, but I sing with ukulele instead of guitar. 
And that's my story :)
Priyadharshni - India

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