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Jazzy Riffs to Spice Up Your Ukulele Playing

Here's our good friend Katie DeNure of @onemusicschool using our DUKE10 Tenor Banjolele in a tutorial showing some jazzy riffs that you can use to spice up your ukulele (and banjolele) playing.

Katie says she was listening to a lot of vaudeville, jazz, ragtime, and older Disney music and found that many of the songs had similar or familiar intros and outros. She thought it would be fun to transcribe a bunch and teach them to you so that you can spice up your playing by adding a cheeky intro/outro to what could be considered a normal song in the Key of C. Happy riffing!

If you don't already follow Katie online you are missing out on some awesome content, plus she is just a lovely person who deserves all the followers she can get :-) Follow her on YouTube and Instagram

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