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Hard Case for a DUKE10 Banjolele

Even though we are now giving you an awesome tweed coloured hard case with every DUKE10 (for 'Season 3') we are still not offering just the case alone. So, if do want to purchase one, you can simply search for any case that will fit an A-Style mandolin, and it should fit the DUKE10 (please do your due diligence on this before ordering, just in case)

Recently, a customer emailed us and said they had found a hard case that fitted their DUKE10 perfectly, so this link will take you to a hard case that definitely does fit!

hard case for a DUKE10 banjo ukulele

It is a Musician's Gear Hardshell A-Style Mandolin Case, and is available from Musician's Friend. You can check it out by clicking here.

Here are some photos from a customer that purchased one of these cases for his DUKE10 (you might notice he has modified the armrest with a wooden overlay).

hard case for the duke10 banjolele

hard case for the duke10 banjo ukulele

hard case for the duke10 banjo uke

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