Why a DUKE10 banjolele over a different brand? Hear what Kelly (@fourstringstrummmer) has to say - CLICK HERE ==>

Duke for the Dude in Germany

More than 9000 kilometres (nearly 6000 miles) is the odyssey this Duke10 Banjo Ukulele takes. It all ends well, but not before a one-eyed Customs official holds it unnecessarily! But Jamie from Duke Ukes helped it get through - thanks a lot from me, Oliver.

Now the Duke10 has arrived at its new home in Germany and I’m looking forward to summer, playing it in the garden with my three little boys singing some Beatles stuff. But right now it’s winter here, and there is snow all about. I thought the DUKE10 looked really good in the snow so I took this photo to show you all.

The DUKE10 Banjolele sitting in the snow in Germany

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