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Banjolele Tutorial - Old Time Technique "Dooley"

Do you have a banjolele but you are 'stuck' playing it exactly like a ukulele? Do you want to play songs that really well suited to the banjolele? Well, our friend Kelly Trafford @fourstringstrummer specialises in teaching old time technique, and loves to help people bring out the best from their banjo ukuleles. Of course, everything he teaches works on ukuleles too, but the style you will learn in this video is perfectly suited to a banjolele.

His teaching style is very easy to follow and you will be strumming along to your favourite old-time songs in no time.

If you would like to follow Kelly online, his YouTube Channel is a great place to start (I know he would love you to Subscribe to his channel), and then you should seriously consider joining his Facebook Group - The Four String Strummers, which is growing super-fast with a whole bunch of ukulele players hanging out and sharing every day.

Lastly, you might be interested to know that Kelly's followers have been made a special offer that is not publicly available, so if you are interested in what that might be, make sure to watch the video right through to hear more about it, and then look for the link as shown below.

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