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The DUKE10 Tenor Banjolele

Just because it’s always been done one way ​doesn’t mean that it can’t evolve, or be improved!

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Welcome from Jamie Houston - Owner of Duke Ukes

The Beautiful Tenor-Sized DUKE10 is a Traditional Instrument on Steroids!

Acoustically brighter and louder than others, ​and fitted with an electric pickup for plugging into an amp or PA system for when you just have to be heard. Super light at just 2lbs (1 kg), making it really easy to hold and play, and an armrest fitted as standard, so no more sore arms! 

Whether you are a fun player or a professional, the DUKE10 Banjo Uke will change your life!

Comfortable Armrest

We couldn’t understand why this comfortable tradition had all but disappeared from banjoleles, so we decided to include our own super-comfortable armrest as standard on every DUKE10!

It's Acoustic AND Electric

Using the premium LP15 transducer pickup from Schatten Design Acoustics, we have turned your DUKE10 into an ensemble machine. With a really well-balanced tone and great bass response, your DUKE10 is now more than capable of matching any bands’ volume.

Precision Geared Tuners

Fitted with 4:1 planetary geared tuners, you get all the beauty of the originals with the benefits of modern engineering. They’re smooth to turn, quick ​to tune, and they grip the strings like Samson!

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Adjustable Drum

Tune it up and it’s country, tune it down and it’s funky. Puts you in charge of how you want your DUKE10 to sound. ​Yes, the adjusting key is included!​

Unique 'Smooth-Edge' Tailpiece

The reason you’ve never seen this elegant tailpiece before
​is because we invented it! Its smooth design gives you a tail that is beautifully simple, and will never ever snap your strings because the strings tie-off into wood, not metal.

Aligned Forever

No more fiddling with adjustments to get the strings to  the right height, because the DUKE10 'one-piece' neck arrives in alignment and stays that way forever.

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Who Is Jamie Houston?

It all started back in 2006 in Byron Bay, Australia, sitting around a BBQ at a mate’s place, when a guy pulled out a little coloured ukulele and started playing. Well, that got me asking questions about how to play and how hard it was, and so on. Sound familiar? I think many of us got our start on ukulele in a similar way.

Well, that humble beginning became what is now a driving passion to share the love of making  music on the ukulele, or in this case, the Banjo Ukulele. I fell in love with the DUKE10 Banjo Uke last year, when I was sent version one to check out by its creator Ed Ackman, who lives right here in New Zealand! I loved it so much that when Ed told me he wanted to sell the business, I jumped at the chance to make DUKE BANJO UKULELE my own.